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Our Mission

The Nebraska Asthma Coalition strives to improve health outcomes and quality of life for individuals affected by asthma in our state. We work to accomplish our mission through our core values of collaboration, inclusivity, data-driven decision making and commitment to addressing health disparities. 


AAFA 2023 Allergy and Asthma Capitals

NAC Fall Coalition Meeting

Monday, September 13, 2021
5:30 pm7:00 pm

We are all aware of the effect asthma can have on a community. The Nebraska Asthma Coalition (NAC) was created to improve health outcomes and help those with asthma thrive. We need your help and are inviting you to join us. The addition of professionals and citizens invested in improving asthma outcomes such as you will be invaluable.

Register to attend here:

  • American Lung Association
  • UNMC College of Public Health
  • WellCare
  • Nebraska DHHS
  • Children's Hospital & Medical Center Omaha

Your Contribution Would be Appreciated

We are all aware that asthma affects the lives of many Nebraskans. The Nebraska Asthma Coalition (NAC) is working hard to ensure those affected by asthma can live healthy, productive lives. As we do our part to bring asthma awareness and education to Nebraskans, we need your help to make our efforts go even further!

Your support is crucial to the NAC’s efforts across the state. Please consider donating to further our mission to improve health outcomes and quality of life for individuals affected by asthma through statewide collaboration. The NAC strives to accomplish this mission through collaboration, inclusivity, data-driven decision making, and a commitment to addressing health disparities.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to this great work. We appreciate your support.

-The NAC Executive Committee

To make a donation to the NAC, please go to the Children’s Hospital & Medical Center Foundation website and mark your donation as “Nebraska Asthma Coalition”